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Here are the latest pictures of our wonderful daughter, Jessika.
For most of these pictures, if you click on them you can see them full size!

Jessika's cute portrait--age 1!
(January 17, 1998)

A quik snapshot family portrait on Christmas Eve 1997
at Grandmommy and Granddaddy Andersen's.
(Edmond, Oklahoma)

"Hmm . . . maybe I should get my daily allowance
of carbs in a bit more doughy state!"
(Jan.-Feb. 1998)

A bow, a ball, and a beloved heater vent!
(January 1998)

Birthday party for Jessika!
(January 17, 1998)

Jessika loved flying to Oklahoma with Grandmommy Andersen!
The ice cubes kept her entertained, we've been told.
(December 1997)

Future playwright or poet at her writing desk!
(Jan.-Feb. 1998)

Jessika running around rather than paying attention
at the library's "Baby and Me" story time.
(Jan.-Feb. 1998)

Jessika celebrates her first Thanksgiving
with pro-indigenous attire.
(Nov. 1997)

"Yes, Jessika, there really is a
Santa Claus . . .  scary, isn't he?!"
(Boyer Christmas Party, Dec. 1997)

The bathtime unicorn turns narcissistic:
"I really am beautiful!"
(Jan.-Feb. 1998)

The window seat makes a wonderful
play place for Jessika--
when the houseplant is moved!
(Nov. 1997)

"Hey! Who's going to get me off of this bed?!"
(Mom and Dad are grateful she has learned how to get down by herself now!)

Donning a mischievous grin,
Jessika sneaks up on Beast.
(Jan.-Feb. 1998)

The child prodigy tickles the ivories,
looking forward to the day her
toes will touch the pedals.
(Jan.-Feb. 1998)

Mom and Jessika enjoying Thanksgiving dinner,
prepared by Uncle Bruno and kids.
(Nov. 1997) 
Here are more recent pictures of Jessika

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