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Here are some more pictures of our wonderful daughter, Jessika.
For most of these pictures, if you click on them you can see them full size!

A big picture of Jessika at 6 months (Note: she was recently certified as the world's cutest baby!)

Dad gets to hold Jessika during the Pioneer Day parade. She now weighs about a million tons (well... more like 20 pounds) so it can be very good exercise hauling her around.

Dad entertaining Jessika at a free concert at Brigham Young Park in downtown Salt Lake City. Unfortunately, the singing group didn't hold Jessika's attention, and she needed a bit of supplemental entertainment. As usual.

Jessika with aunts and cousins at a small glacial lake above Alta ski resort.

Jessika's first camping trip. The family took a trip to the Uinta mountains for a church campout. Many thanks to Jessika's Aunt Kirsten for lending us the tent. Someday we really should buy more camping gear...

Jessika is camping with mom and dad. Dad is giving everyone a piggy-back ride. Shortly after this picture was taken, Erik collapsed and died from exhaustion. Well, I didn't actually DIE, but I thought about it.

Jessika looking like E.T. after taking a bath.

Here are more recent pictures of Jessika

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