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Here are some older pictures of our wonderful daughter, Jessika.

A big picture of Jessika

A big picture of Jessika at three months -- click to see full size

Jessika with a thing on her head

Jessika is getting ready for a bath here. I suppose she likes having this thing on her head. She sure seems happy about it...

Jessika with our cat Beast

Jessika with our pet cat, "Beast". I supect that Beast would prefer it if we kept Jessika locked up.

Jessika with her Grampa Boyer

Jessika with her Grandpa Boyer at the Utah Arts Festival. Jessika is learing culture at a young age.

Jessika with food all over her face

Jessika with food all over her face. I don't know what this stuff was, but it must have been really good! That was her first baby-food meal.

Jessika sitting in a stroller

Jessika is sitting in her stroller checking out the Art City Days parade in Springville. I guess she is hoping someone will throw her some candy.

Jessika with some cool sunglasses

Jessika with some cool sunglasses her dad got for her. Mom wanted to buy her something that looked more lady-like.

Here are some even older pictures of Jessika

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